Sunday, 13 July 2008

Break the Effing Cycle!

I am learning from my limited life's experience that most of my dramas are self-created.

My decisions and actions are my choice. I am a critically thinking individual therefore before these are carried out, I am usually aware of the possible repercussions.

Nevertheless, I ignore reason on a fantastical hope that each time my actions would not produce a reaction...

I have come to realize that I subconsciously purposely do this because the backlash is usually a more interesting story and I like to tell stories.

I am not refuting the fact that Shit happens; cause it does.

However the point is, MissITKnows, 70% (a conservative estimate) of the negative things that happen to you could have been avoided.

You let it happen because you crave drama,
you crave drama because you have limited self-confidence,
you have limited self-confidence because you have believed a lie
you believed the lie because you were a child and children are gullible.

But... You are now NO longer a Child... you are an ADULT... accept yourself as perfectly crafted by your creator and BREAK THE CYCLE... it is tearing you apart and holding you back from fulfilling your destiny.

Drama Queen this is not an accusation... this is a WAKE-UP call...

Hear it!

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