Monday, 21 July 2008

Let them have CARROT CAKE...

In 1967 in the rabbit kingdom, there was a meeting of the leaders of the eight powers that were.

They talked about their fat wives, they talked about their greedy mistresses and they talked about their disappointing kids.

Finally, in passing, they talked about the alarming population growth in their respective districts especially amongst those ignorant, good-for-nothing, ghetto-dwelling, faith-clinging, fast-breeding brown and white rabbits; especially those damned brown rabbits who think that they deserve the same rights as the white rabbits!

Something had to be done...

Seeing as none of them were intelligent enough to think for themselves, they called on their advisers with degrees from Burvard, Bale and other Burrow League institutions and they as all academics do began to look in the history books for inspiration.

They found it in the words of one of the wisest woman who ever lived. Her name was Rabbite Antoinette and when faced with a similar uprising amongst the lower echelon of society she famously said, "Let them have Carrot Cake". Unfortunately, her words were unheeded and the upper class in that district were destroyed by the peasants.

The advisers were astounded by the brilliance of her suggestion in the light of current scientific knowledge. Carrot cake is poisonous in excess but, these ignorant rabbits are too dumb to be aware of this fact. They explained this to the leaders and they not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the past, immediately implemented a plan.

"Feed them carrot cake, saturate them with it, let them feed it to their kids. Let all of them get addicted to it.

It might take a couple of decades but, it will wipe them out!"

And thus began the obesity epidemic...

WARNING: Rabbits beware of carrot cake... eat carrots instead!

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I couldn't find your email or I would have emailed you directly, so I'm just sending this to you through the comment section.

Thanks for using my photo of carrot cake. I'm glad you like my photography. However, the way you have the photo set up makes it so I can control whatever picture you have up using my own bandwidth. If you'd like, shoot me an email and I will send you a jpeg of the picture so you can load it up and control it with your own bandwith.

Another optiom is to link to the actual carrot cake picture on Nestle Foods. They have a lot more bandwidth than we do ;).

Here's the link along with the recipe

Good luck with your blog and your studies.