Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Sex Files: Part 1 – Establishing the Context

Consider a normal distribution curve of human sexual behaviour.

The space under the graph represents the entire human population. The dividing line is society’s arbitrarily placed division between right (sex in a committed relationship) and wrong (sex outside of a commited relationship, indiscriminate sexual activity with multiple partners, homosexuality, bestiality, paedophilia, etc).
For the purpose of simplicity, let us assume that the left side of the curve is wrong and the right side is right.

Majority of human beings will be concentrated near the border between 1 and -1 – statisticians tell me that this accounts for approximately 67%.

Important Extrapolations:

Natural: Any trait found within the entire spectrum of human behaviour.

Unnatural: Does not exist. All exhibited human behaviour including those at the extremes is natural.

Confounding Factors:
  • The existence of the supernatural forces; good (God), evil (Satan).
  • The human need for labels & acceptance.
  • The placement of the dividing line keeps changing with each new generation.


Body: The Physical Entity

Mind: The Reasoning Faculty

Soul: The Decision Maker

Those amongst you familiar with Alfred Kinsey's work on sexuality might recognise some similarities here. Therefore, I must clarify that I am not trying to describe something half as complicated as his theories. At this juncture I have not yet introduced my view-point; I am merely using logic, simple statistics and definitions to establish the context for my discussion.
The merits and demerits of Kinsey's work is not something I will be discussing in this series.

Part 2 will follow shortly.

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