Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Sex Files: Part 2 – The Urge

One of the first things people notice about me is that I’m a bundle of contradictions.

At this age, with my diverse background it is impossible for me not to be.

The youthful human soul is dynamic; it is constantly searching for truth.

This is especially true in the quest for sexual understanding.

Many times the truth revealed by the body and the spirit are contradicting; sending the soul into deep confusion.

This is why I eschew labels.

I am unqualified to cast judgement; I can only deliver my present thought.

I am a woman, my sexual desires, though different, are just as potent as any man.

It is a lie that women can control their sexual urges better than men.

However, female sexuality and feminity in general as appraised by present society puts women in a position such that they have a lot more to lose if they follow through on every urge or fancy.

Part 3 will follow shortly.


Suesue said...

lol , why is there a picture of a roast chicken ????

Anonymous said...

Well since you obviously admitted that you also have strong sexual urges, how do you control it? Wait don't tell me! You use all those dildos and rubber penises and maybe masturbation!!! So how can that then be qualified as abstinence?

MissITKnows said...

Abstinence means absence from all types of sexual activity and that includes masturbation which is actually the most common sexual activity in humans.

It is not easy but with God's help, I am giving it my best shot.

I understand your cynicism. You are probably as sick as I am of hypocrits that use abstinence and virginity to make themselves seem morally superior.

I am not one of those; I willingly confess to my humanity. As I have repeatedly said this is a personal choice and I stand in judgement of no-one.

Anonymous said...

i read this post and thought it was interesting. I'm a guy in his mid 20's who's been practicing abstinence and about a month ago, my friends and I entered into a serious discussion about guys been virgins. Most of them thought it was weird that I was and said they wouldn't want to marry a virgin for obvious reasons. I was wondering what your take was on men being virgins?