Friday, 1 August 2008

The Con Hitlitst.

10.) Rihanna: she can't sing, she can't act, she can't dance; she is just a perfectly packaged product.

9.) Take-out Chinese: That's not food. Don't know what it is but it is DEFINATELY not food!

8.) Weight Watchers: Enough said.

7.) Halle Berry's Oscar Win: Let's face it, no black woman has ever won the best actress Academy Award.

6.) Windows Vista: It will NEVER compare to a Mac.

5.) The Tate Modern: If I wanted to see a pile of junk, I would visit my local trash heap.

4.) Invisible Anti-Perspirant: I have the stains to prove it!

3.) Happy Meals: They don't make kids happy, they make them fat and that makes them and their parents sad!

2.) David Blaine: That man really really needs to get a life; he reeks of desperation.

Drumrolls please.

the number 1 con is...

Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon's medical license: He is not a surgeon, He is a butcher! How on earth is he still practising?


Anonymous said...

lol! Rihanna can't sing??!

MissITKnows said...

No she can't... have you heard Unfaithful??? It's a vocal disaster!

Fausset said...

lmaoooooo..micheals was the highlight..