Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ikoyi, VI, VGC, Lekki... at what cost?

Watch this video:

Those of you with a reaction or an opinion please let me know what you think and we can begin a discussion on this issue.
  • I do not guage the lack of response to this post as an indication of lack of care about this issue rather I am going to interprete it to mean that this topic is too far removed from the day to day existence of the readers to cause a response and that is fair enough.
I am still trying to gather enough information from both sides of the issue to form an opinion but when I have formed one, you will be the first to know.


Anonymous said...

That video was very troubling and he was right..people who are willing to do this to you are ready to kill you. The anguish in his face after seeing everything he has worked for be torn down pained me.

Anonymous said...

1978 LAND ACT ARe you kidding???Nigeria and their so called laws just never cease to amaze me..I have studied government/politics in Yankee and a similar law is in place but in yankee the government can ONLY take over land belonging to private CITIZENS to better society i.e build roads, bridges and not to build properties and estates for CEOS of banks and multinationals.When and if they do take over your property you are given adequate compensation...they do not just come demolish your house;prpoperty and leave you stranded......So Sad

Anonymous said...

thats very unfortunate

Fausset said...

well i think the same is happening in america tho..i mean not demolishing peoples houses but rennovating it and then selling it at a higher price. Of course the "white" people earn higher income than the "blacks" generally speaking, so when selling it at a higher price, it eliminates the black people who live in those areas and concentrate those areas with white people.

What do i think abt the video?
My question is what kinda act do we have that says after 30yrs, the land belongs to the government?...doesnt make sense to me.