Monday, 4 August 2008

The Simple Pleasures of Life.

I was just re-reading this post and for a second I considered deleting it because from a critical perspective it can be viewed as unoriginal and uninspired. However, after a little more thought, I decided against it.

I wrote it after a long day in class and an even longer commute home. I was just really glad to be home and writing this list seemed to encapsulate that mindset. Consequently, while this might not be my best piece of writing, it is still my writing. Furthermore, I am truly grateful that I am richly blessed to enjoy these simple pleasures in life and soo much more.
  1. The first cooling breeze of the air-conditioner when you get home after a long day in the sun.

  2. A stop where the carriage empties during rush hour.

  3. Your first bite into that burger or schwarma after a great night out!

  4. A shower.

  5. Finding a 20 pound note/dollar bill in a bag you barely carry.

  6. The first sip of a glass of cold water.

  7. A baby's smile directed at you.

  8. Randomly bumping into an old, dear friend with whom you did not mean to lose contact.

  9. His first text/call following the introductory meeting.

  10. A great night in with the girls filled with uncontrollable laughter!
For all these and more, may I be truly thankful.

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