Saturday, 2 August 2008

What is behind Green Eyes?

  • Insecurity

Deal with low self-esteem and you will eradicate the green-eyed monster that lurks beneath.

There is a monster in us all. Whether it be green-eyed(envy), red-eyed(anger) or blue-eyed(lust). In times of provocation, humiliation, boredom and dissatifaction, it tends to rear its ugly head.

Maturity = controlling the monster.

For those of you who are victims of the green-eyed monster -which is the most commonly observed amongst women- I know its hard to accept but, in a twisted way it is actually a compliment.

It is understandable that you might feel that the perpetrators deserve nothing from you however, you WILL be the better person if you show them sympathy and understanding instead of vengeful animosity.

Remember, there is a monster in us all.

This is another one of life's more obvious mysteries.

PS This is VERY important: Ladies, RUN AWAY from a man who cannot control his red-eyed monster; he is a LOSER and a LIABILITY... YOU are way to GOOD for that!

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