Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Introducing MissITKNOWS: A Work in Progress!

This past week has been AMAZING!

For one thing, I learnt to take blood. Granted, I have not yet been succesful in getting some out of a human but the mere fact that I was privileged to try is AWESOME!

Also, most of my dearest friends are in London for the first time this year. Seeing them all has filled me with much joy.

In addition, I have met some fabulous new people and seen some others that I have known for a while in a brand new light.

and for those of you who like gossip, for the first time in a long time, I had an unpremeditated crush...

It only lasted two days, but at least for those 48hours, I allowed my giddy female element to rule my head!

It seems like finally I have learnt to be myself, MISS ITKNOW, without apology in most environments.

I know that this is not the most original of thoughts but, being oneself as much as is possible without caring about jugement is liberating. This is the ideal we all aspire to.

(However, it is necessary to be governed at least in part by rules of societal engagement that exist to protect individual freedoms.)

I digress, my actual point is that while I had a lot of fun this week, I could not shake off the nagging feeling that I was drifting with my head in the clouds...

I discussed this emotion with my girls and I came out with the following important points:

  • In my attempt to be real, I must be real to myself and not the cause of reality.

  • Being yourself does not mean you should over-analyse all your actions; it is OK to just have fun.

  • Know what each individual you associate with is: Acquaintance, Friend or "True Blood". I know that these categories are dynamic however, it is crucial never to overestimate. Enjoy each for what they are!

  • If you are talking too much then, all is NOT well; there is an inner hole you are trying to fill. Learn to listen. (This was a hard truth to swallow)

  • Do not judge people solely based on your own experiences with them. It is disrespectful to the complexity of human behaviour. People change, people grow, people are different in different circumstances; I have had a personal revelation of this recently.

  • Change comes from within, your external environment should be irrelevant.

  • Do not expect overnight redemption, as I have said before this is a journey, 2 steps forward, one step backward...

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