Monday, 17 November 2008

Why are you so infirm?

Over the weekend, one of my girlfriends asked me a question that has made me think to the point where I have decided to write about it.

Following weeks of me complaining about one illness after the other, she aked me in all earnestness, "This babe, why are you so infirm?"

My initial reaction was to burst into hysterics. I love that word "infirm". It's a CLASSIC.

However, after thinking about it I started to ask myself the same question.

My head hurts, my muscles ache, my chest pains, fever, cough, malaise it is a never-ending barage of symptoms.

I know that the change in weather might have some part to play in all of this, but this is NOT my first winter. Something deeper might be at play.

Pyschosomatic is a phrase that readily comes to mind.

Somatisation is one of the more immature defenses of the human being.

It is simple, basic, primal.

Could it be that I am channeling my emotional uncertainties into physical illness?

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