Friday, 6 February 2009

The Dream Team

It's been a couple of months since I have made any significant contribution to the blogosphere.

For those of you who read my departure post, you will remember that the primary reason I cited for taking a hiatus from blogging was that I decided I would rather actually live than continue to hypothesize about living.

This actually turned out to be the salvation I required.

Instead of my mind being a tumultous mine of random thoughts, it has become a spring -an open filter- only retaining the expedient.

In this time, I have also concentrated my efforts into my medical calling and in this regard I have been blessed to develop blossoming friendships with my firm -collectively known as:

the dream team (so named because we encompass a majority of existing socio-political labels.)

Today marks the end of "the dream team" as a tour de force at the Whit.

I shall especially miss:

GB's warmth

DB's dodgy banter

BC's smile

EJ's "Nigerian" accent

AV's hair

JWB's sincerity

I never thought it possible to have an group of entirely different but equally outstanding human beings.

I love you all and it has been a joy getting to know you.

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