Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The War of the Worlds

Spirit against Flesh
Right versus Wrong
Good or Evil

The battles wage inside me

I know which I want to win, I think
But then again sin is usually soo damn satisfying

My soul is confused
It shouldn't be this way though, cos I know the Truth, the Word, the Law

Why then does this age-old war tear my mind into two?
Why did I get a choice?

My innermost being cries out from within in worship to the creator
After all that's what it was made to do.

But the outer covering smothers its voice and pleads with me to feed its indulgences;
greed, lust, manipulation, control

I succumb
I receive redemption, rebirth, resurrection
I succumb
I receive redemption, rebirth, resurrection again
I succumb
I receive redemption, rebirth, resurrection again

Is this how it will always be?

I'm really tired of running around in circles
Lord, I'm begging you
Show me the way out.

With all my love,
Your daughter

Pushing Daisies

I can't understand why its taken me this long to discover Pushing Daisies. It is a refreshing blend of the old and new eras in comedic TV series.
  • Aside from the excellently-worded, hilarious background narration, stunning cinematography and gripping plot; Anna Friel reminiscent of Elizabeth Montogomery in early seasons of "Bewitched" is totally believable as Chuck, the girl at risk of death if she makes any physical contact with the man she loves.
  • Her aunts with their wacky attire, strange taxidermic and aquatic interests as well as their emotional stuntedness -a general theme in the show- are highly entertaining.

  • Then, there is the wise-cracking, knitting, private investigator Emerson. Chi McBride is outstanding in this role, and is responsible for providing many of the most memorable one-liners in the show.

  • In addition there is the neurotic Olive, with her affections fixed on a man who is in love with another. Olive's awkwardness in manner makes her the most endearing character on the show; I've always sympathised with those stricken by unrequited love.

  • Finally there is the central character the Pie Maker, Ned, with the special ability of bringing dead things back to life. However, this gift proves a mixed blessing as though he is able to bring the woman he loves back to life, he is unable to touch her. The Pie Maker is adorable and kind but with suppressed emotions following many years of emotional abuse from an absentee father. These emotions are slowly being unraveled by the free-spirited Chuck.

Ultimately the appeal of Pushing Daisies lies in its romantic essence; two people made for each other defy death to be together and even though they are unable to touch each other physically, they touch each other deeply in the soul.