Wednesday, 23 July 2008

New York, New York!

When Gerard Kennedy sang "New York, New York, so good they named it twice" he was verbalising passion for the city through the eyes of a native whose love makes them oblivious and immune to the negatives.

As an outsider, my view is a lot less partial. New York is riddled with contradictions. Consider its landscape beautiful in the glow of the moonlight yet lit up with environmentally deletrious electricity. The inhabitants range from the liberal upper east-siders with their immense wealth and palatial homes in the Hamptons, to the displaced homeless looking for their next crack fix in every passing face.

Manhattan: glorious, prosperous, albeit slightly tarnished by its sometimes very unclean streets and strange smells particuarly pertinent to this olfactory-sensitive tourist, Queens: a not-quite- -so-safe haven to those looking to have families in the city, Brooklyn: the illegitimate daughter of the city - under-appreciated yet the very nerve cenre of art, history and culture, The Bronx: comes with a warning sign, but if you can survive there you can survive anywhere!

New York, New York is for the intrepid explorer, the budding fashionista, the struggling artist/e, the developing retailer, the passionate investment banker. Its not for the faint-hearted nor for those who sit waiting for something to happen. Its for those who make things happen. Though this can be said about many cities, it is never more true as it is in New York!

Those who love this city, love it despite itself. These are the true New Yorkers with the energy, passion and strength that makes this city continue to shine as a beacon of hope in our modern existence. Not because it is the cleanest, or the most beautiful or even the most technologically advanced city but because the spirit of the city, Madam Liberty, with her outstretched arm, proudly declares, "No matter who you are, wherever you come from, there is a place for you here in New York, New York!"

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