Monday, 21 July 2008

Spring Awakening!

Two nights ago, I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway.

To be absolutely honest, it was not a musical with which I was familiar. In fact, it was one of my friends who suggested it when we began the discussion about going to see a Broadway show. Initially I was hesitant, because I have been longing to see Wicked! for a while now and was looking for an opening to suggest it to the group, but then my friend mentioned that Spring Awakening had received 7 Tony Awards last year and that made me a lot less hesitant.

The thing about my confidence in the Tony Awards is that while one cannot completely exclude the lack of bias in any major award, the Tony's allow for a wide range in creative styles, company size and budget. Consequently, their selections are usually a truly rewarding theatrical experience.

We arrived early and I immediately noticed that the stage set took up only a third of the possible space and that there was seating for members of the audience on both sides of the stage. At this point I was still unsure about the time and place setting of the musical so I looked into my PLAYBILL and read that it was set in Germany in the 1890's. From my previous experiences of theatre, that description seemed slightly suspect as the stage setting looked too bare for a period piece. I was further confused when the 6 or 7 members of the musical ensemble came on to the back of the stage; they looked more like a rock band than an orchestra.

Finally, the lights in the crowd began to dim and on the stage was a girl standing on a chair singing with a voice that glistened with the purity of childhood that yearns to understand the changes that come with adolescence.

I will continue this later.

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