Monday, 23 November 2009

Choose Life!

My favourite thing about last Saturday's x-factor live show was not Danii's dress which was awesome, Cheryl's hair which was ridiculous or Joe's singing which was outstanding. Instead, it was Jedward's t-shirts which said, "Choose Life" in Neon Pink letters.

There is probably some British pop culture relevance or essence to those particular choice of words that I immigrated too late to this country to be aware of! Nevertheless, I found in them my own meaning.

Being happy and living life to the maximum is a choice.

Negative thoughts, images and ideas constantly bombard our minds from internal and external sources. We cannot change that.

However, what we can change is our reaction to the negativity. We must reject them and immediately convert them to positive thoughts. We must not let them ruminate and work their destructiveness on mood and self-image.

This is obviously common sense but as always it is one thing to know and yet another thing to do.

We all know that Jedward, whilst being utterly adorable, have as much talent as Janice Dickinson's publicist! However, their choice to remain confident above all the negativity that was coming against them endeared them to me and they have become something of an inspiration.

They chose to be happy. They chose to make themselves a success. They chose to rise above negativity.

Even though they've now been voted off the show, it is clear that because of the choices they made, they will have a fabulous career in television awaiting them. And with their amazing attitude, I am certain it will stand the test of time! (At least in children's TV :-S)

Monday, 16 November 2009

גם זה יעבור

It's another season of change
And I struggle to reorientate
With the pressure to keep face.

Alongside the winds of change
Comes a yearning to gravitate
Towards the centre of my space.

As the days get cold and grey
My emotions start to flay.

Up, down, inside, out
And sometimes split apart.

Cyclothymia is my bane.

I seek solace from the pain.

First I try to drown it out using distractions as a balm
Next I try to placate it using ego as a charm

Whilst these tactics serve their purpose
Neither of them are the focus.

I have to embrace the tumult within and ride it out with complete acceptance.

This too shall pass.